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Sun Aug 27 15:47:25 EDT 2006

Am Sonntag, 27. August 2006 16:02 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> >> Hopefully all this will get MUCH easier once we move to swig.  But for
> >> now I think it's safe to just hard-code "-0" into g-wrap.  Want me to
> >> work on that, or do you want to work on it?
> >
> > Could you do that? Thanks.
> Sure, I'll work on that.  No guarantees, tho.  I've got a lot of other
> things to do today, and I'm going on holiday tomorrow (well, Friday,
> but I'm actually flying there tomorrow).

Actually I think it's just a matter of changing g-wrap.scm line 981 from
        "                (dynamic-link \"lib" wrapset-name "\"))))\n"))))))
        "                (dynamic-link \"lib" wrapset-name "-0\"))))\n"))))))

> Some comments on your patch:
> >  .scm-links:
> > +if PLATFORM_WIN32
> Why don't we just do this ALL the time?  There's no real reason not to
> use the same code path in all cases.  It certainly doesn't hurt, and
> this way we can actually test the code on Linux too and make sure it
> continues to work.  It also means someone wont inadvertantly change
> something and break the windows build.

Oh, sure, I'm all for doing this all the time. I just thought some people 
might have preferred to keep it the way it is. Surely it's better to use the 
same code for both. So let's change the Makefiles to achieve this.

> > +	rm -rf gnucash g-wrapped
> > +	mkdir -p gnucash g-wrapped
> > +	make $(BUILT_SOURCES)
> Instead of running make, just make .scm-links depend on $(BUILT_SOURCES):
>   .scm-links: $(BUILT_SOURCES)


> We should figure out what parts get done where.  I think we need one
> rule to make sure the directories are created, and then another rule
> to copy the generated files appropriately.  

Oh, right -- the last part makes everything work. So the generated files are 
LN_S'd right in the same rule that creates them. This will work everywhere, 

> .scm-links:
>         [ -d gnucash ] || mkdir gnucash
>         [ -d g-wrapped ] || mkdir g-wrapped

Except that [ -d gnucash ] will also succeed with the current symlink to pwd, 
because the directory that the symlink is pointing to is a directory. So I'd 
rather propose to stick to rm -rf and mkdir -p, which will also avoid any 
problems for the other developers when updating their current SVN build tree. 
See attached new patch, again for src/gnc-module (although src/core-utils is 
actually the first concerned directory in the build.)

If this or something similar looks good to you, you can commit right away. 
Eventually this concerns 26 different's, but we can start with 
the first concerned directories from the build: core-utils, gnc-module, 
engine. This will already give us enough tests for "make check" as well.

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