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Mon Aug 28 01:33:29 EDT 2006

--On August 27, 2006 3:22:50 PM +0200 Christian Stimming 
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>> I dont think this has to be done from  I think the
>> makefiles can (should?) just be changed to do this.  This way we can
>> clean it up via "make clean".  I think the only things that need to
>> be copied are the g-wrapped scheme files.
> See attached patch for gnc-module/

This thread reminds me of something I had been meaning to mention for 
some time which is related to this same part of  The 
current construct (and the modified one) doesn't work well with 
parallel builds (with -j other than one).  The problem is that the 
dependencies like

gw-gnc-module.scm gw-gnc-module.c gw-gnc-module.h: \
  .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm ${top_builddir}/config.status
        ... do something ...

are equivalent to the three dependencies

gw-gnc-module.scm: \
  .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm ${top_builddir}/config.status
        ... do something ...

gw-gnc-module.c: \
  .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm ${top_builddir}/config.status
        ... do something ...

gw-gnc-module.h: \
  .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm ${top_builddir}/config.status
        ... do something ...

In other words it tells make that the three targets are independently 
built using the same commands, rather than all three built by running 
the commands once.

You see this in a single threaded build where you get a warning from 
make when it discovers to its surprise that building one of these 
caused the other two to become up to date, but it doesn't really matter 
much there.  In a parallel build it is much worse where it runs the 
same commands two or three times at the same time which sometimes 
produces incomplete output.

There are probably several ways to fix this.  One I have been using for 
several months now without problem is to patch it to look like this:

.INTERMEDIATE: gwrap-files

gw-gnc-module.scm gw-gnc-module.c gw-gnc-module.h: gwrap-files

gwrap-files: \
   .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm ${top_builddir}/config.status
        ... do something ...
	touch gwrap-files

The intermediate target with no commands solves the problem.  I've 
attached a patch to fix this in gnc-module/  I have similar 
patches for the other relevant makefiles if you're interested.  Since I 
have a multiprocessor machine, parallel builds help a lot.  I can keep 
on patching the makefiles locally, but others might benefit from this 

Mike Alexander           mta at
Ann Arbor, MI            PGP key ID: BEA343A6

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Index: gnucash-2.0/src/gnc-module/
--- gnucash-2.0/src/gnc-module/	(revision 14695)
+++ gnucash-2.0/src/gnc-module/	(working copy)
@@ -61,12 +61,16 @@
 	touch .scm-links

-gw-gnc-module.scm gw-gnc-module.c gw-gnc-module.h: \
-  .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm ${top_builddir}/config.status
+.INTERMEDIATE: gwrap-files
+gw-gnc-module.scm gw-gnc-module.c gw-gnc-module.h: gwrap-files
+gwrap-files: .scm-links gw-gnc-module-spec.scm 
 	FLAVOR=gnome $(GUILE) -c \
 	  "(set! %load-path (cons \"${G_WRAP_MODULE_DIR}\" %load-path)) \
 	  (primitive-load \"./gw-gnc-module-spec.scm\") \
 	  (gw:generate-wrapset \"gw-gnc-module\")"
+	touch gwrap-files

 BUILT_SOURCES = gw-gnc-module.scm gw-gnc-module.h gw-gnc-module.c
 CLEANFILES = $(BUILT_SOURCES) .scm-links g-wrapped gnucash \

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