GDA: A few questions

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Fri Dec 8 17:34:35 EST 2006

I'm working on saving/restoring scheduled transactions, and have some

1) Accounts - The only difference I can see between regular accounts and
the accounts created for scheduled transactions is in the currency - the
currency for scheduled transactions is in the "template" namespace.
Anything else?  Could we have a new account type called TEMPLATE so that
I wouldn't need a really complex query to load just the regular

2) SXRegister() registers the class with qof using GNC_SX_ID rather than
GNC_ID_SCHEDXACTION (which would agree with how every other object is
registered).  I don't think it will break anything to change this, but
want to know if there is anywhere else I should check i.e. where else
are getters/setters used?


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