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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Dec 10 20:28:35 EST 2006

Sorry, when I backported some changesets from trunk to 2.0, I used
the date of the original changeset (and not the date of my backport)
as the date entry in the ChangeLog.   I wasn't sure what else to do;
the date of the backport didn't seem like the right answer, either.

For 2.0.4 (assuming we HAVE a 2.0.4 and not the 2.1 series) I'm
happy to do other things.


Quoting Chris Lyttle <chris at>:

> I was going through the changelog to add news entries for this release
> and I noticed that there were quite a few out of order. For example I
> released 2.0.2 on the 8th oct and next up is an entry for sept 26th. My
> understanding is that changelog entries use the date they are entered as
> the date, is that not correct? This make releases rather confusing,
> especially as if an change had been made previously and the changelog
> entry not made who's to know its in a release?
> Chris
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