#gnucash public logging?

Chris Shoemaker c.shoemaker at cox.net
Mon Dec 11 19:50:29 EST 2006

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 07:19:27PM -0500, Josh Sled wrote:
> After our long-serving channel bot Scrambler had gone away for a period
> of time, we setup a new channel bot (gncbot) for #gnucash, which is
> hosted on {svn,lists,wiki}.gnucash.org.
> Another IRC channel that I frequent has a persistant, public channel
> logger: all channel activity is recorded, html-ized and published via
> HTTP.  It is then indexed (primarily by Google, of course, though we
> have namazu as well) and searchable.  I propose that we should institute
> the same mechanism for #gnucash.
> It turns out to be a convenient way to record both specific and general
> project knowledge.  As well, the logs can be useful to "backfill"
> participants who are joining in the middle of a conversation, as well as
> those (devs and interested parties) who haven't decided to inhabit the
> channel persistently, but are curious about the goings on they might
> miss.  As well, a longer discussion which results in a decision no
> longer needs to be copy-and-pasted to -devel, since the URL of the logs
> can be posted.
> On the down side, it does change the dynamic of the channel, both for
> the transient participants as well as the devs.  We have certainly used
> the channel to discuss things that we would consider "private".
> However, the logger does support an "[off]"-log prefix, and in my
> experience this actually works pretty well in allowing off-log
> conversation; however, it only works if you know about it...
> It's only courteous to inform random people who stop by the channel that
> they're being recorded and published.  While people do seem to err on
> the side of caution when spilling personal financial details, that is
> another wrinkle.  The channel topic probably suffices, but some sort of
> channel entry notice -- as supported by the channel service of most
> other IRC networks -- would be better.
> On the whole, I think publishing channel logs is a win, or I wouldn't be
> suggesting it. :)  But what do you think?  I guess the options are:
> - do it.
> - do it for a month or two and re-evaluate.
> - don't do it.

1) I'm for it.  
2) I think a notice in the channel topic is sufficient.  
3) I assume there would be some mechanism for an op to toggle logging off 
for the whole channel.


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