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Tue Dec 12 05:19:24 EST 2006

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Hi Jon,

jarney1 at schrieb:
>> * All in all I can see approx. 250 files that have been modified by you;
>> I'll attach the unified diff between gnucash-2.0.0 and your modified
>> version for the other developers to see, 
> Wow. Thanks. I had intended to do that but time constraints prevented
> me. Once again, the beauty of an open-source effort! Perhaps I'll get a
> moment to try again starting with the SVN source and apply some of my
> diffs more carefully and deliberately.

Well, thank you for the source code. Out of curiosity I've spent some
more time on the larger batch of changes (step1 in my previous email),
as it turned out to be possible to separate the name changes from the
rest quite easily. @Everyone: Attached you'll find the patch that
changes GUID into GNC_GUID (guidrenaming), another path with some other
name changes (otherrenaming), and all the rest (step1).

I'll add some more discussion below. Thanks for the feedback on the
other questions.

>> * In src/app-utils/gnc-ui-utils.c you did two changes, adding
>> gnc_lconv_set_utf8(&lc.positive_sign, ""); and
>> - -  while (fraction != 1)
>> +  while (fraction > 1)

Any reasons for these two?

>> * You replaced the type names GUID by GNC_GUID and CURRENCY by
>> GNC_CURRENCY, IGNORE by GNC_IGNORE and others. Any reasons for this,
>> especially the latter two? I vaguely recall GUID being defined in some
>> winapi header file, but in SVN-trunk apparently there's no longer a
>> problem with this. 
> The win32 API header files do define GUID, CURRENCY, and IGNORE.  
> The GNC_ versions of these are intended simply to remove this colission.

I think I'll apply some of the name changes that concern only the .c
files. But especially the s/GUID/GNC_GUID/ change concerns a lot of
code, and, as I said, with SVN-trunk we don't observe any problems of
the potential name collision here. I'd suggest to defer this until we
actually run into the problem again.

* In src/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-register.c you added a lot of code; I can
see additional filter functions on description, with or without case
sensitivity, and unequality filters for the amount. What do you use
these for? Do you think those would be useful in general?

* The asset class issue has already been discussed in the rest of this
thread. If implemented through KVP, I agree those would be a nice
extension of the current data.

* Your report modifications (modified cash-flow.scm, portfolio.scm,
added asset-class.scm) would be a nice contribution to the existing
SVN-trunk code. Could you summarize your changes to the cash-flow report?

As far as I can see, most of your other changes have already been
implemented in SVN-trunk, especially all build system changes and path
name handling. Unless I've missed anything, I think you get all these
functions from SVN-trunk as well. So I'm looking forward to any further
contributions from you. Thank you very much.

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