Win32 Port Efforts (eKA$H)

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Tue Dec 12 10:09:21 EST 2006

> Well, thank you for the source code. Out of curiosity I've spent some
> more time on the larger batch of changes (step1 in my previous email),
> as it turned out to be possible to separate the name changes from the
> rest quite easily. @Everyone: Attached you'll find the patch that
> changes GUID into GNC_GUID (guidrenaming), another path with some other
> name changes (otherrenaming), and all the rest (step1).
> >> * In src/app-utils/gnc-ui-utils.c you did two changes, adding
> >> gnc_lconv_set_utf8(&lc.positive_sign, ""); and
> >> - -  while (fraction != 1)
> >> +  while (fraction > 1)
> Any reasons for these two?

I honestly don't remember.  I think it was more scar tissue when I thought there was a bug.  The bug (I think) was in an incoherently linked set of libraries.  I would trash these changes if I were you.
> I think I'll apply some of the name changes that concern only the .c
> files. But especially the s/GUID/GNC_GUID/ change concerns a lot of
> code, and, as I said, with SVN-trunk we don't observe any problems of
> the potential name collision here. I'd suggest to defer this until we
> actually run into the problem again.

What have you done instead, to insulate yourselves from the exposure?   Do you not see it because you are using different win32 includes than I?  Are you #ifndef guarding it so the symbols do not get into the gnucash areas?  I understand your hesitation, but why don't you think you'll see it?

> * In src/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-register.c you added a lot of code; I can
> see additional filter functions on description, with or without case
> sensitivity, and unequality filters for the amount. What do you use
> these for? Do you think those would be useful in general?

These were developed by me for my personal use.  I used them when I attempted to import 2 years worth of transactions and reconciled the register.  Having these filters made it easier to work with and find transactions I was "missing".  I found it useful.  It just seemed to me that a search on the register fields would be useful.  Others may or may not find it so.

> * Your report modifications (modified cash-flow.scm, portfolio.scm,
> added asset-class.scm) would be a nice contribution to the existing
> SVN-trunk code. Could you summarize your changes to the cash-flow report?

The cash-flow.scm report change was primarily to support showing the percentage of cash to different categories in addition to the absolute currency figures.  It was developed by me because I was curious to express my spending in this way.

The portfolio and asset class reports simply report on the afforementioned asset class whose implementation is under some debate.

> As far as I can see, most of your other changes have already been
> implemented in SVN-trunk, especially all build system changes and path
> name handling. Unless I've missed anything, I think you get all these
> functions from SVN-trunk as well. So I'm looking forward to any further
> contributions from you. Thank you very much.

I'll try to be more careful in implementing changes in future.  The main purpose of my project is to provide a broad range of OpenSource software to the win32 public.  When I began, the gnucash project's win32 port was still early and rather than do the right thing and wait, I hacked it.  It seems that I will be able to go back to the strategy of "take a stable release and patch only what needs it for coherency with my system".

-Jon Arney

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