gda-dev does not compile

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 18 22:37:17 EST 2006


Quoting Mark Johnson <mrj001 at>:

> After a few minutes playing with it, I offer the following feedback:
> 1. It should use the username and password from the connection rather
> than requiring them on the command line.


> 2. The Save button should be removed (second choice: grayed out) from
> the toolbar as things are saved when entered.  So the db should not
> require the user to press the Save button.

Maybe.  The problem is that GnuCash has multiple backends.. Some of them
require the save button, some do not.   I think the answer here is that
the save button should always exist but only be active when the book
is dirty.   In the case of a SQL backend, the book will never be dirty
so "save" would never be active.

> 3. After entering one transaction in my "checking account" (a deposit),
> I noted that my account balance was still zero.

Keep in mind that gda-dev is still under active development, so there
are bound to be lots of bugs!  It's not complete.  I wouldn't even call
it an "alpha" state, yet.  You're not even an early adopter right now,
you're still in the development phase....

> 4. The post_date and enter_date fields in the transactions table contain
> the values 0000-00-00.

See above.

> 5. When I restart gnucash, it re-opens the same database correctly.  The
> checking account still shows 0 balance, and the deposit.  When I quit
> this, I get a warning dialog about not saving changes.  Like the Save
> Button, I should not see this dialog as my data have already been saved.


> Question: should I be filing bugs in bugzilla?

No.  It's not even CLOSE to ready for that, yet.  See above about being
in the development stage.   For now I would keep these bugs in your own
personal database and wait for an official "call for testers".  At that
point if the bugs still exist they should get filed in Bugzilla.

> I am concerned about the "Implementation missing" messages.  I am using
> version 1.99.1 of libgda.  Any idea what these messages are about?
> Could they be the cause of some of the above problems?

See above about "under development"....

> Mark


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