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Wed Dec 20 18:37:02 EST 2006


im new to this system, so just wanted to say thanx for the help (via
wiki) again!

i dont have experience generating patches (yet), but the following few lines
should be fairly easy to understand.  this is based upon r15238 at the moment?


line 790 - change first 'echo' to 'eval' - so commands to
.../profile.d/ work.
-- personally?  change to ${_PROF_INST} as defined next ["above" in
actual script].

line 150 - add the following lines to allow first change to be useful:
    if [ ! -d "${_PROF_UDIR}" ]; then
        mkdir -p "${_PROF_UDIR}"
        echo > ${_PROF_INST}

that is easiest, for now, but i have other comments/issues/questions because
im trying to create an inst_inno() function within this same file and am hitting
a few significant items.

truth?  i havent fully tested the above code.  im waiting until i sort out my
issues with inst_inno() before creating a whole new c:\soft2\ location...

also, once a profile.d gets created, the *.sh commands add layers of subtlety
to this whole process.  for instance, restarting mingw between each
run is useful.

anyways, hope all is well - and that my little patch doesnt cause problems.

have fun (and/or happy holidays), harold felton

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