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Thu Dec 21 09:53:03 EST 2006

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Andreas Köhler schrieb:
>>> Before applying this, I would like to hear Andreas' take on this: You
>>> intentionally added only the printing of the lines that should be added
>>> to, instead of directly writing into that file. Was there a
>>> specific reason for doing so? 
>> Right now we don't modify /etc/profile.d/installer by hand at all.
>> We /JUST/ ask the user to make the changes.  I agree that this is what
>> we should continue to do, so I agree with Andreas to not modify
>> /etc/profile.d ourselves.
>> I'll note that some people might not want /etc/profile.d modified
>> by the build script; they should be allowed to do so on their own.
> Seconded.
> Another point is that we cannot change the running shells environment
> from a subshell, so newly opened shells would have different environment
> variables set.
> I will not like the patch without very good reasons :-)

Agreed. That's what I thought as well.

In any case I cannot see why this would be a problem during
or - those will set their appropriate path variables from themselves, anyway. If not, it's a bug in these scripts and
should be fixed there.

Conclusion: Thanks to hfelton for the suggestion, but we believe the
installation is better organized by not modifying /etc/profile.d from
the scripts in general.

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