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   i still think there is an implicit requirement to restart
the msys-system at least once during the initial
installs and downloads.  im not sure where tho.

Hmm.. I wonder...  I think I've noticed this myself, but I'm not
sure why.  Maybe it needs to reset the msys env after it installs
the mingw development system?  Or maybe unzip or some of the other
subsystems?   *shrugs*.

   i have tried a few places to store the 27Mb exe file
and they have all been unsuccessful so far.  if i
come up with an anonymous-access location
then i will post it here.  hmmm.  bittorrent?

I'm not sure about a daily build, per se, but we could host them
on the gnucash server.  The problem would be how to give you the
ability to upload it.

yeah - im feeling a bit dumb myself - i KNOW ive used
some ftp-software in the past successfully.  i finally
managed to get the file uploaded using a beta sw called
elephant-drive or elephant-desktop or something.

i imagine you are actually referring to not wanting to
give me a password to upload it?  that is fine - i should
have better access mechanisms before being allowed to
commit and screw up your systems.  let me keep trying...

thanx, harold.

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