Win32 - uploading ftp nightly

Andreas Köhler at
Fri Dec 22 05:24:30 EST 2006


On Fr, 2006-12-22 at 01:11 -0800, hfelton-lists wrote:
> enclosed find a patch - it allows the exe to function.
> i have not run or tried the yet, since i doubt
> that it will work on this first try after the major directory
> restructuring that occurred.  nice shiny new structure!  :)

Thanks for the attached patch. I did not apply it, because we have
different gnucash.bat's.
     1. $INST_DIR\\bin\\gnucash.bat is the one created by and
        used when running from the c:\soft tree
     2. $DIST_DIR\\bin\\gnucash.bat is a copy of 1., merely because
        there is no reason to single-case it.
     3. installed gnucash.bat is created by the Inno Setup Compiler

> > > ( ./ pushd: /c/soft/gnucash/inst}/bin: No such file or directory)
> >  line 714 missed the begin-brace.  compile is fine, i assume...  :)

Fixed in r15247.

-- andi5

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