Win32 - uploading ftp nightly

harold felton hfelton_lists at
Fri Dec 22 06:38:04 EST 2006

>From: "harold felton" <hfelton_lists at>
>>i cant get 2) to work yet, so something is missing - the only
>>thing i notice missing is the guile/slibcat file.  otherwise, the
>>DIST area actually has two extra-dlls in the share/lib (besides
>>the normal .la files).
>slibcat didnt matter.  still looking...

i give up - tried/copied everything - tried deleting extras - im
clearly missing something (altho since i was doing all of this
manually - i dont doubt that i DID miss things)...

the error occurs after the bottom of the main-window says...
loading - gnucash/xxxx, gnucash/yyyy, ....  , gnucash/business-gnome (BLAM)

maybe that helps to narrow down the issue?  im taking a break.

have fun, h.

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