Save to URI [Was: Re: gda-dev does not compile]

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Dec 24 11:09:28 EST 2006

What's the point of the global, static fb_info?  In general static
storage is a Bad Idea (TM).

As for the QSF Importer -- I'm not at all surprised that it doesn't
use the GnuCash APIs :(   Feel free to change that ;)


Quoting Mark Johnson <mrj001 at>:

> Phil Longstaff wrote:
>>> First, I thought I had found something when I found the function 
>>> gtk_file_chooser_set_local_only, but the wretched dialog insists on 
>>> trying to display the directory of the entered URI when one clicks 
>>> Save.  Naturally, such a directory does not exist.  Entering 
>>> gda://AnActualConection results in an error.
>> I found that function too and thought it would fix things, but it
>> didn't.
>> I didn't see an error.  What I saw was that the returned file looked
>> like /path.../gda%3A%2F%2FAnActualConection.  I have some code which
>> looks for "%3A%2F%2F" and then searches around for the URI that was
>> entered.  This works, but now means I need to add the sync function to
>> the backend to blow away the current contents of the database and save
>> the new contents.  I should have this ready to commit in a few days.
>> This will at least allow saving to a GDA database.
> What version of gtk+ do you have?  Mine is 2.8.20.  This might 
> account for the different behaviour, but does not really help as 
> neither works for us.
> I have attached a patch against gda-dev (svn 15247), which changes 
> the FileChooser to a FileSelection.  It can be applied in the gda-dev 
> directory.  You will need to pass -p1 to patch.
> The dialog accepted a URL like gda://MyDatabaseConnection.  However, 
> as you noted, it does not yet save anything.  This code should help 
> you to work on that part.
> I combined elements of the code from 1.8.12, gda-dev (different OK 
> Buttons), and an example from the gnome documentation (used to reduce 
> the number of callback functions compared to 1.8.12).
> Note that filters did not work in 1.8.12 with the FileSelection; they 
> still don't work with this code either.
> There are 4 type values that can be passed in.  I was unable to find 
> a way to get the function called with "Import" type.  Note that 
> "File->Import->QSF Import" puts up a FileSelection Dialog, but does 
> not call the gnc_file_dialog function in gnc-file.c.  This suggests 
> some redundant code is now present.
> This patch may also be useful in allowing users to enter URLs of the 
> postgres://XXX sort.  I was unable to find an open bug related to 
> this problem.  Let me know if there is somewhere else I should submit 
> this patch for the postgres problem.  (I only found 2 bugs for this; 
> both closed - 332251 & 329802.)
> Mark

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