gda-dev; new libgda version

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Wed Dec 27 23:54:47 EST 2006

A new version of libgda has been released.  It is 2.99.2.  They have 
bumped the ABI version to 3.0.  Consequently, libgda-2.0.pc is now 
libgda-3.0.pc.  Therefore, after upgrading to libgda 2.99.2, the build 
in gda-dev branch fails.

Further feedback on gda-dev:
configure did not fail when libgda-2.0.pc was not present.  The should be updated to have an option to enable/disable this 
backend (like the --enable-sql option for postgresql).  When the libgda 
is not present and the option is enabled, the configure should fail 
rather than the build.

I've attached a trivial (stop-gap) patch to illustrate what I am 
currently testing (i.e. simply to see if gnucash gda-dev builds with 
libgda-3.0).  This is not what I am suggesting as the mod to  I'll work on that later.

So far gnucash gda-dev is still building, which is a good sign, but it 
will be morning before I know if the build succeeded.


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