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Bug #336843 was mentioned on IRC today and I feigned interest in it. I was 
assured by warlord that "this is something pretty easy to do.  Hook a 
GtkFileChooser to a menu item and load/save the result from/to the 
current-txn KVP." So I started looking in src/register/ledger-core/ to see if 
I could figure out how to "hook a GtkFileChooser to a menu item."
After wasting much time reading through C code that (at best) I can barely 
read, much less understand, I figured I'd ask a few questions before deciding 
whether this is a good RFE for a neophyte to attempt to tackle.

This strikes me as something that would need to go into split-register.c and 
the file chooser would need to be called from a cell in the register. Am I 
off base there? 

Assuming the code belongs in the register, the next question is where. In the 
register, there's a two line view, and a single line view. In the two line 
view the user can enter Action and Notes. Would it be better to create a new 
cell in the register (say "Attachment") that would display on the 2-line view 
after Notes (under the Transfer account) or simply use the notes cell? 

How would you go about enabling the user to select the contents of the cell so 
that they can view the file (in whatever application)? Ctrl-Click to send a 
file open command to the desktop environment (will that work?)? GnuCash is a 
Gnome app, what happens if GnuCash is run in KDE (or some other DE)? How will 
GnuCash know how to tell the DE to open the file?

The bug mentions a data store for the file. That seems reasonable. But that 
would seem to indicate the requirement for some sort of preference that tells 
gnucash where to store data files. And it begs the queston of how those data 
files would get named/referenced. You'd also need to deal with the 
possibility that the data file referenced gets deleted/moved from outside of 

This all makes it seem rather non-trivial to me. Am I making any sense here?

Thanks for listening, 

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