2.0 release plans

Chris Lyttle chris at wilddev.net
Thu Jul 6 22:36:46 EDT 2006

Josh Sled wrote:
> There was general agreement in IRC (between warlord, cstim, hampton,
> jsled) the other day that the 2.0 release should occur ASAP.

I will release 2.0 this sunday.
> - Bug <http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=120302> in particular
> should be addressed.  Chris, perhaps after you create a key, you can
> send it around to the core devs?  The public key should go up on
> www.gnucash.org, of course, and the keyservers.  It'd be good to get
> some signatures on that key, as well
OK thinking a little how this would work politically, I think we should 
have a private key that each of the core devs has a copy of. This could 
be used for sending semi-confidential messages to the dev's and signing 
releases. This kinda breaks a little the idea behind 'private' keys, but 
we either do this or just have a key that is 'shared', ie broken up so 
that you need 2 people to decrypt a message/file and the release person 
keep the 'whole' key to sign releases.

What do you think?

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