glibc errors with debian testing and gnucash 1.9.8 r14384

Ryan Davis ryan at
Thu Jul 6 23:10:54 EDT 2006

I'm trying to import a .OFX from my bank, and when I do, I consistently 
get this error:

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x00000000

The hex number changes, but the error is the same, and always happens 
when the "Generic Import Transaction Matcher" dialog comes up.  The 
dialog itself doesn't display correctly, and gnucash freezes.

I'm running debian testing, with gnucash pulled from debian unstable to 
get the latest version (following*)*.  
I think this might be the root of my problem.  According to, there was a change in GLIB that 
could be causing my error, and suggests this workaround:

env G_SLICE=always-malloc gnucash

This doesn't work for me, I still get the same error.

Does anyone import ofx/qfx files on debian testing?  If so, can you 
please let me know how you installed gnucash?


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