Where's --load for 2.0.0?

Larry Evans cppljevans at cox-internet.com
Thu Jul 13 13:29:31 EDT 2006

On 07/13/2006 12:10 PM, Derek Atkins wrote:
> This "feature" was removed because when we asked online nobody said
> they were using it.  What are you using it for?
To prototyp scm code to calculate average annualized rate of return
IOW, given:

(define flow-exp-0
     ;;    flow exponent
     (list -1.0 3.0     )
     (list -1.0 2.0     )
     (list 12.0 0.0     )

The aaror would be 100%.  IOW.

+ -1.0*2.0^2.0
+ 12.0*2.0^0.0

   2.0 = 100%/100+1
   infix notation is used
   ^ is the infix expontiation op, i.e.

   scheme             infix
   (expt base exp) == base^exp

I had been using --load to quickly test the code instead of
having to wait for the screen to appear.  I also was using
slib charplot to see the results and maybe get some idea
of why I wasn't getting the answer I expected.  For example,
with all flow's of one sign, I would expect there couldn't
be an answer, but slib's secant:find-root found a -base
that could solve some problems but not others; so, I
did a graph of ... well anyway, it turns out that
a -base would result in imaginary values for future
value of some of the flows.  Obviously this couldn't
be what the user intended; hence, I needed to get
some idea of how I could diagnose this.  Doing all
this in by interacting with gnucash was taking way
too long; hence, I resorted to using the --load
command line option.

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