2.0.0 on Debian FYI

Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at becket.net
Thu Jul 13 14:10:13 EDT 2006

Chris Shoemaker <c.shoemaker at cox.net> writes:

> Thanks, Thomas.  For reference, where can I find out which arch's can
> and can't support GnuCash?  I thought Debian ran on lots of strange
> archs that I'd never heard of running GnuCash.  Are all these
> considered "current?" :
> [alpha] [amd64] [arm] [armeb] [hppa] [i386] [ia64] [hurd-i386]
> [kfreebsd-amd64] [kfreebsd-i386] [m32r] [m68k] [mips] [mipsel]
> [powerpc] [s390] [sparc]

There is no single definition of "current".  

I believe that is the list of archs that dpkg knows about.  In
principle, that is the largest set that Debian could support.

There is also the set of autobuilders, which defines in practice the
archs that a serious attempt is being made to support every package

And then there is the set of release candidates for etch (the next
release) which is a subset of the autobuilt archs.  The release
managers have a variety of criteria for choosing release candidates,
and the list is not fixed until release actually happens.

At http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?arch=&pkg=gnucash you can see
the logs of the autobuilders' results.  Note that for each upload, that
list will exclude one arch that is really supported, because the
upload is always accompanied with one archs binaries already.  I used
to build on powerpc; now I build on i386.  At the end of that file,
you can see that the autobuilders have successfully built 2.0 for the
following archs, including my own i386:
  amd64, s390, sparc, alpha, mips, powerpc, mipsel, hppa, arm

you can see the current status across many archs, which shows that
i386 and m68k are in "Dep-Wait", which means building has not yet been
attempted for lack of dependencies.  If you hover on the dep-wait tag,
you'll see that the ia64 build is waiting on g-wrap and the m68k build
is waiting on guile.  Using the same interface for g-wrap shows that
the ia64 build is in progress; and for guile we see that the m68k
build failed.

Another package status widget, the official one, is at

This will show you what is actually in the archive for the various


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