aq banking wizard segfault

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 13 18:41:29 EDT 2006

What version of gnucash?


Quoting Archimedes Submerged <archimerged at>:

> I have debugged a segfault arising when using  --enable-hbci --enable-ofx
> --with-ofx-prefix=/opt/gnucash/libofx
> --with-aqbanking-dir=/opt/gnucash/aqbanking, using gwenhywfar-2.3.0
> compiled from source, libxml++-1.0.5 compiled from source, libofx-CVS
> compiled from source (apparently the only way to get a revision more recent
> than libofx-0.8.0), aqbanking-2.1.0 with one patch to fix a different
> segfault (reported to aqbanking-devel).
> The segfault happens only if you enter the hbci setup druid from the second
> page, after some existing hbci accounts are listed.  The problem is in
> druid-hbci-utils.c, where hbci account pointers are kept in a hash table.
> If AB_Banking_Fini is called, those pointers become stale.  But when the
> setup druid button is pressed, AB_Banking_Fini is called.
> Workaround:  enter the hbci setup druid from the first page and do not use
> the setup button on the account list page.
> I'm not sure how this ought to be fixed.  Apparently all the hash table is
> used for is to allow values from the AB banking account fields to be looked
> up when the "apply" button is pressed.  Maybe the best fix would be just
> like the workaround:  remove the button from the account list page.  And if
> you go back to the first page, the hash table has to be deleted.  (Maybe it
> is already, didn't look).
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