report/view-column make-internal-option "report-list"

Larry Evans cppljevans at
Sun Jul 16 14:22:31 EDT 2006

I've copied view-column to scratch.scm to try and figure
how it works.  However, the "Contents" tab no longer
shows when attempting to modify options.

The code for view-column has:

     ;; the report-list is edited by a special add-on page for the
     ;; options editor.
       "__general" "report-list" '()))

When I change the last 2 lines to:

       "__general" "report-list" '() #f))

I get the expected error about wrong number of args; hence,
I know that the "report-list" option is being registered.
I've looked at the make-internal-option in scm/options.scm;
however, that lead me to gnc:restore-form-generator, but
that didn't improve my understanding either.

I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to figure out why
the "report-list" option is showing up when I ask to change
the options.

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