[patches] - V2 Help Document (maybe ?? !!)

David V Herman dvherman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 10:17:01 EDT 2006

After posting a message on June 29 that I was work on the Help system
file "usage" I have made a number of changes to the Help files for

I was surprised to notice in the svn diff last night that changes were
made to "usage" on July 9.  If any of my additions are useful -- here
they are.

I'm attaching a TAR of the files I've modified, will also include an
"svn diff" (MyHelp.diff) as a TAR - due to size.  I'm sending the
complete file as the diffs are large.  Choose the one you prefer.

Basically I have changed the layout of the tables used to describe the
Menus.  There are still "lots and lots" of blank spaces to be filled in
for the descriptions of the numerous function/operations/reports.  Many
I've never used -- any assistance will be welcomed !!!

I've split the chapter "usage" into two files; GUIMenus and usage. (Also
modified the Makefile.am to copy the new file.)

Added screenshots for the Account Tree, Account Register/Transaction and
the Reports display.
I've tried to verify the contents of the menu tables for accuracy, as
above the blanks need to be filled in.

I've added links between menu items and discussion in some places, more
needs to be done.

The content of the Usage chapter has not been verified or expanded.

The XML files verify with XMLLINT, some mods made to verify. (<xref, &
<colspec are terminated with the /> form, violating the recommendations
for the User's Guide.  YELP does accept.)

This work is in no way complete, though it is, I believe better than
what exists.  Its offered as a "work in progress", I continue working on
the files, though may not be able to devote as much time as recently.



I have a couple of observation from the review.
1) The "Lot Viewer" is called different names in Account Tree Tab and
Transaction Tab.

2) What does "Renumber subaccount" do?

3) What does "Reset Warnings" in the Action Menus do?

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