Questions on v2.0 for Help rework

David Hampton hampton-gnucash at
Wed Jul 26 08:30:45 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-21 at 14:41 -0600, Dave Herman wrote:
> I have a couple of questions while working on the "custom" section of
> the HELP.
> 1) What does "Renumber subaccount" do?

It rewrites the account codes for all children of the current account.
For example, you have the following account structure:

Code    Name

10      Colors
10-1    -Red
10-2    -Orange
10-3    -Yellow
10-4    -Blue
10-5    -Violet

You now need to add the "Green" account, but you want it to sort between
the Yellow and Blue accounts.  Instead of having to manually renumber
all the accounts starting with Blue, you can use the "renumber
subaccount" command on the Colors account.  In the popup dialog the
prefix value should default to "10", the account code for the colors
account.  If you set an interval value of 5 and click "Renumber" you
will end up with the following account structure:

10      Colors
10-05   -Red
10-10   -Orange
10-15   -Yellow
10-20   -Blue
10-25   -Violet

Now you have room in the account code numbering space to add the Green
account with an account code to force the proper ordering.

10      Colors
10-05   -Red
10-10   -Orange
10-15   -Yellow
10-18   -Green
10-20   -Blue
10-25   -Violet

> 2) What does "Reset Warnings" in the Action Menus do?

In many of the dialog boxes in the system there are two checkboxes at
the bottom labeled "Remember and don't ask me again" and "Remember and
don't ask me again this session".  If you have told gnucash to remember
an answer and no longer show you the warning message, this menu item
allows you to specify which warning boxes should be shown again.

> 3) Where is the text that is displayed as additional help in the
> "setting preferences" windows?
> I would like to use some of it in the "help" document.  I've done a
> search for the text string, but did not find them.

All the text in the preferences window comes from glade files.

> 5) Has anything significant changed in the Tax Report section? Where did
> all those codes came from?  All the Tax references in "TXF Export -
> Known Anomalies and Limitations" seem to be "really old", are there
> updates?  Is anyone on the Intuit TXF list?

I've checked the TXF site and there hasn't been an updated document
posted in years.


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