GnuCash on Windows -- about to become true!

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Sep 2 15:11:49 EDT 2006

Some pictures say it all:

After the combined effort of Andi, Derek, and myself, I was able to get as far 
as starting the main window with the current gnucash SVN code. So it *is* 
really possible. The script in packaging/win32/ already does 
almost everything we know. BUT there are still a lot of things that don't 
work. In the above screenshots all the following did *not* work at runtime:

 * The "File -> Open" command gave the error message "Can't parse the URL 
<filename>",, in 
other words I couldn't open a file

 * The "New account" dialog opened (although with the Gtk-Warning 
"GnomeDateEdit widget unavailable"), but gnucash crashed on "Ok", probably 
because of that missing widget

 * Somehow the pre-compiled glade package is missing all of the Gnome widgets, 
you can see the respective warning here and of course that 
needs to be fixed before you can expect gnucash to work correctly.

Before I got this far, I needed to tweak more things that aren't yet included 
in the installer:

 * In g-wrap I changed the code generator that loads dynamic modules as 
described in the second paragraph here

 * I compiled GnuCash with --disable-error-on-warning 

 * I excluded the business/ subdirectory completely from the build in order to 
simplify the whole work

 * The startup script "gnucash" doesn't generate the correct paths 
automatically, so I basically fixed the script manually. Also, for whatever 
reason gnucash didn't correctly lt_dlopen() its modules at the installation 
location, *but* it would correctly lt_dlopen() them at the build location, so 
for the above screenshots I deliberately included all the build directories 
to the GNC_MODULE_PATH, which worked, which in turn is surprising enough.

Ok. But it has been shown that gnucash *does* compile, install, and run. Now 
go tell this all of the windows hackers around there, and they should be able 
to complete this work in no time. Way to go!


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