GnuCash and Reports in C# or Python?

Josh Sled jsled at
Sun Sep 10 10:57:15 EDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-09-10 at 09:34 -0500, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
> Are any way to use C# or Python to create reports, access the database or
> create custom forms? I know that you use guile, but python (or even C#) are
> more popular and most peaple knows it; if it could be may others could help
> in improve the actual reports and create new one...

Not presently, but recent work replacing g-wrap with SWIG will allow API
bindings in those languages (and others).  As per Chris's last update, I
think that work is mostly done, but needs more attention.  Once that's
done, the reports would need some work to be defined/run in other
languages ... perhaps some non-trivial work, as there are a few places
that assume the reports are scheme scripts.

As for "custom forms" or other non-report stuff, that's basically in the
same camp... though I think there are 2.0 changes to run arbitrary guile
scripts at load time that might make it easier.

Also, the looming "modularization refactoring" might make it easier to
have something like a libgnce that had just the engine, backends (data
load/store), API and bindings ... suitable for stand-alone linking and

Most of us are sold on the idea that languages besides guile are the way
to go forward with gnucash; there's some inertia in the codebase,

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