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Dear all,

several of us have now compiled and run GnuCash on MS Windows by the
mingw32/gcc compiler environment. This is how everyone else can give it
a try as well. We would be happy to hear any further feedback about
problems or (hopefully) success in this matter.

We've created a shell script that will download, compile, and install
all requirements of GnuCash on Windows and eventually GnuCash itself. It
will even make sure to retrieve the most up-to-date gnucash source code
directly from SVN. Running this script will probably download ~200MB of
data (but all downloaded data will be cached) and will take anything
between 0.5 through 5 hours of time. That shell script is located in
packaging/win32/ of the gnucash SVN sources. For your
convenience I've attached the content of that directory to this email.

Before you can execute this shell script (which will do everything else
automatically), you have to complete these steps manually:

* Get the content of the packaging/win32 directory of gnucash SVN,
either from SVN or from the attached archive, and unpack it somewhere on
your Windows machine.

* Adapt the directory name variables in the file according to
your preferences; the defaults would install everything in
subdirectories below c:\soft. (Note that due to shell syntax, every
windows-style backslash has to be specified as two backslashes.)

* Download the "MSYS" package from
- -> Section "Current" -> Subsection "MSYS" -> MSYS-1.0.10.exe

* Execute this downloaded package to install it into the chosen
directory, say, C:\soft\msys (which is the $MSYS_DIR variable in

* Download the "wget" package from
- -> Current -> mingwPORT -> wget-1.9.1-mingwPORT.tar.bz2
and place the downloaded file in the $DOWNLOAD_DIR you have set in

* Start the MSYS commandline shell by double-clicking the "MSYS" icon on
the desktop which should have been created when you installed the MSYS

* Let the automated build begin by typing:

  cd $INSTALLER_DIR   (the directory where is located)

* If there haven't been any errors, you should be able (after several
hours of compiling and installing) to start gnucash from the MSYS
command line by typing


or even without MSYS directly by "Start"-> "Run"->

Please spread the word and report back any problems you encounter. It is
probably not too difficult anymore to create a full self-contained
package of GnuCash on Windows as well! Some more information is also
collected on, but the information
there might already be out of date as well.

Good luck everyone with this!


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