GnuCash on windows - Instructions for giving it a try

Покотиленко Покотиленко
Fri Sep 22 03:39:27 EDT 2006

That's a greate step forward, thanks alot.

Is there any pre-compiled win32 version available?

В Чтв, 21/09/2006 в 16:03 +0200, Christian Stimming пишет:
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> Dear all,
> several of us have now compiled and run GnuCash on MS Windows by the
> mingw32/gcc compiler environment. This is how everyone else can give it
> a try as well. We would be happy to hear any further feedback about
> problems or (hopefully) success in this matter.
> We've created a shell script that will download, compile, and install
> all requirements of GnuCash on Windows and eventually GnuCash itself. It
> will even make sure to retrieve the most up-to-date gnucash source code
> directly from SVN. Running this script will probably download ~200MB of
> data (but all downloaded data will be cached) and will take anything
> between 0.5 through 5 hours of time. That shell script is located in
> packaging/win32/ of the gnucash SVN sources. For your
> convenience I've attached the content of that directory to this email.
> Before you can execute this shell script (which will do everything else
> automatically), you have to complete these steps manually:
> * Get the content of the packaging/win32 directory of gnucash SVN,
> either from SVN or from the attached archive, and unpack it somewhere on
> your Windows machine.
> * Adapt the directory name variables in the file according to
> your preferences; the defaults would install everything in
> subdirectories below c:\soft. (Note that due to shell syntax, every
> windows-style backslash has to be specified as two backslashes.)
> * Download the "MSYS" package from
> - -> Section "Current" -> Subsection "MSYS" -> MSYS-1.0.10.exe
> * Execute this downloaded package to install it into the chosen
> directory, say, C:\soft\msys (which is the $MSYS_DIR variable in
> * Download the "wget" package from
> - -> Current -> mingwPORT -> wget-1.9.1-mingwPORT.tar.bz2
> and place the downloaded file in the $DOWNLOAD_DIR you have set in
> * Start the MSYS commandline shell by double-clicking the "MSYS" icon on
> the desktop which should have been created when you installed the MSYS
> package.
> * Let the automated build begin by typing:
>   cd $INSTALLER_DIR   (the directory where is located)
>   ./
> * If there haven't been any errors, you should be able (after several
> hours of compiling and installing) to start gnucash from the MSYS
> command line by typing
>   c:/soft/gnucash/bin/gnucash
> or even without MSYS directly by "Start"-> "Run"->
> "c:\soft\gnucash\bin\gnucash.bat"
> Please spread the word and report back any problems you encounter. It is
> probably not too difficult anymore to create a full self-contained
> package of GnuCash on Windows as well! Some more information is also
> collected on, but the information
> there might already be out of date as well.
> Good luck everyone with this!
> Christian
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