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Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at
Thu Aug 2 10:09:13 EDT 2007

Herbert Thoma schrieb:
> Derek Atkins schrieb:
>> Hmm, that's a good point..  The reason this change got made was
>> because it was visually unappealing to have the window show up
>> before it's fully drawn.  It winds up resizing itself multiple
>> times and then relocates itself.  So the idea was to delay the
>> visibility until it's done, and the splash screen would show you
>> that something is happening.
> The problem is that the splash screen disappears after about 10 seconds but the
> main window only appears a lot later. So a solution would be to really show the
> splash screen until the main window shows up (and displaying something like
> "rendering report <report name>" in the status line of the splash screen).

OK, this itch was sufficiently annoying to scratch (and the scratching
was easy enough to do).

I attached a patch to bug #457944

keep splash screen during file loading
- do not destroy the splash screen during file loading
- display which reports are rendered in the progress field of the splash screen

Please review.

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