Customer payments not working in v2.0.5

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Thu Aug 2 17:16:14 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Out of the blue, I have been having a problem with customer process 
payments with v2.0.5.

Attempts to add a payment causes a transaction to be created, but the 
value on the transaction stays blank. This is regardless of what you 
type as the value when creating the payment, and it is regardless of any 
attempt to change the values in the transaction in the register.

Deleting the transaction and trying again results in the same problem.

Has anybody seen this problem before?

So far it looks like development on the v2.0.x branch has been ended, 
but the only version of v2.2.x available is v2.2.0, and this isn't 
backwards compatible.

Just how safe is it to upgrade at this point?

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