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ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Fri Aug 3 11:20:22 EDT 2007

Derek Sorry again for the delay , this time i didn't see the Email :( ,  i saw it while doing my routine orginization to my mails

The issue of using coordinate or hotkeys is only with widgets that have some problem currently The register and the treetable in account page, other invisible widget dogtail is very smart it could detect them at runtime, currently we have a scenario that uses the Find Customer which has invisible widget and dogtail detect it at runtime.

Also in case of find i didn't process the invisible widget until it shows itself, 
e.g i process the result of find after the table that contains the result become visible.

>> Okay, so how is our tree different than their tree?
The tree issue actually the only difference i see, that the tree they have is normal tree, but we have in gnucash  a tree table.  i'm still not sure if dogtail do this with all tree table, i don't  know gtk application that uses a tree table if you know anyone please advice to test it.

>> so once the rewrite finishes all your existing test cases will need to get rewritten to the new register interface.
Using the coordinates and hotkeys is more generic but it makes the testcase not stable and limit our abilitiy to interact and extract the result from it, if the new register will give us more a11y support  it will worth to rewrite the the register interface 

>> PS: I realize it might be easier now to have all your classes in
>> a single "", but eventually I think it might be better
>> to separate the various classes into separate files, like,
>>,,, etc.  But this
>> doesn't have to happen right away.
Ok sure Derek, but i tried to evaluate some IDE's before starting this project but i'm not satisfied with any so currently i use a normal text editor, having a single file make browsing and searching  in one file easier for me, but when the wrapper classes begin to stablize i'll begin to separate it

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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