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Josh Sled jsled at
Tue Aug 7 00:49:12 EDT 2007

Mike or Penny Novack <stepbystepfarm at> writes:
> Meanwhile, I understand that "close the books" isn't working. If whoever 
> is the developer on that portion wants a hand, please get in touch. 

The developer who started that work hasn't had a lot of time for GnuCash in
the last few years.  I really hope he does respond, but I don't feel out of
order responding on his behalf.

There are two approaches to book closing:

One approach has a structure either above or within the current top-level
data structure of a "book".  This structure is probably an "archive" section
that contains transaction/history information outside of the current
financial period.  All of the rest of the application (file load/save; the
UI, generally; reports; &c.) would need to be extended to support this

Another approach would be more procedural, simply creating a new, standalone
datafile for the new period.  While we already have the functionality to
export the existing account hierarchy (only and alone), a welcome
extension/variant of that export would probably also...

1/ allow the user to "ignore" obsolete accounts that the user doesn't want to
   carry forward...

2/ create appropriate opening-balance Equity transactions for the rest of the
   {Asset, Liability} accounts.

3/ carry relevant commodities and price-db entries forward.

4/ carry relevant (user-selectable) business items (customers,
   vendors; unpaid invoices, &c.) forward.

> I am not in a position to offer to "take over" since I can't make a long 
> term commitment not to return to paid work should a tempting offer 
> arrive* but at the moment have time available.

Well-formed patches that improve the system are welcome regardless of
long-term commitments.

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