Intro + a bug

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Wed Aug 8 08:05:18 EDT 2007

>Uh, I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but GnuCash does (should) create a
>$HOME/.gnucash/ dir for its own storage, as well as leveraging the
>$HOME/.gconf/ storage we've talked about.
Sorry -- but I don't understand.

Yes, I see that GnuCash has created a directory named .gnucash 
(presumably for SOME of its storage). It also creates separate 
directories .gconf   .gconfd   .gnome2   .gnome_private   and the file 
.gtk-bookmarls (presumably for other parts of its storage)

What "leverage"? You imagine that any of these would be there in a 
Windows user's c:\documents and setting\userID (the Windows XP 
equivalent of $HOME/ ) for some other purpose than holding GnuCash data? 
I think I see what the problem might be and why hard to fix. This .gconf 
stuff isn't GnuCash specific, is it? There's been a "piggyback" 
utilizing existing stuff and that defines "where to put it" because if  
it isn't specific to a particular app, can't be in a subdirectory 
devoted to that app's data.

Back to the previous suggestion (other post). While the user can't be 
asked to "create another directory path not containing &" putting in 
"first time code" to detect the situation and present a message IS a 
viable option since few users affected. The message might be along the 

SORRY --- special characters in your user ID prevents all features of 
GnuCash from operating correctly. Have your administrator create for you 
a second account whose name does not contain   (list forbidden 
characters here) and run GnuCash while logged in to that account.

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