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Andreas Köhler at
Wed Aug 8 12:36:01 EDT 2007


Am Mittwoch, den 08.08.2007, 12:16 -0400 schrieb Mike or Penny Novack:
> The implication is that the problem isn't FIXABLE (can't make GnuCash 
> work completely properly for all legal Windows user account names) but 
> that doesn't mean it should be "no action". One possibility would be for 
> the "first time" routine to check whether the directory it is being 
> asked to set up is "legally named" (as far a gnome is concerned) and if 
> not, temporarily pasues the process to explain the problem. Might 
> suggest that the user either:
> 1) abort (option provided) to allow the system administrator to allocate 
> another user account whose name would not be a problem (tell what the 
> "illegal" characters are). The Windows user would then use this other 
> account for GnuCash.
> 2) allow to proceed (option provided) warning the  what the user what 
> won't work (there may be more things than just being unable to save 
> preference changes. That might not be totally unacceptable while the 
> person LEARNS about GnuCash. An administrator can always later copy the 
> books to another user's data area.

3) ask the user for a path to a directory which passes the test, add an
according gconf source to ~\.gconf.path and restart the gconf daemon.
IIRC, this is what is done if the schema files are not installed
correctly (at least automatically on Windows---Unixes provide the user
with more flexibility, read some druid).  I will keep trying.

I am sorry about my old 2'), which muddled up installing user and end
user, just forget that.

> Alternatively, if it is decided that account names that will cause 
> problems are so rare that not worth a coding effort, then at least 
> something in the "read me" for the Windows install. Yes I know people 
> tend not to read those until AFTER encountering difficulties, but if 
> they then look and see an explanation of "Problem with some legal 
> Windows account names" telling them what to do at least it won't be a 
> mystery.


> Michael

-- andi5

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