README.dependencies update request.

Alan Pae alanpae at
Fri Aug 10 14:35:28 EDT 2007

> README.dependencies, and only keep track of the version numbers of the core
> libraries/package we need to depend on, based on the releases of major
> distributions/platforms.   As such, if you can supply the version-number
> information for those libraries (really, we care most about gtk, gtkhtml,
> goffice, gsf), I'd like to add it in.

I only listed out the specifics one's for a reason.  Others versions of 
those libraries fail to compile for some reason or another or take more 
work than an inexperienced person should have to go through to get it to 
compile.  For the ones that aren't listed, the current version compiles 
with no problems.

> Also, I note that don't strictly need postgresql libraries as a dependency,
> unless you're trying to build the PG backend, which is discouraged and not
> enabled by default.

Might not be a dependencies, but again, compiling it up is a non-issue.

What's posted takes into consideration using what's already available in 
Solaris.  The next version will not.


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