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Hi Nathan,
Sorry about the confusion, it is all my fault.
What I meant to say was that I created a file in the same directory as (in my case e:soft/downloads) and was still looking in c:/soft and sub-dirs for the files.
Maybe I had wrong. Anyway, I just deleted, and changed c:/soft to e:/soft in
and it fixed that problem.
Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown
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  On 8/13/07, Stephen Grant Brown <s_g_brown at> wrote:
    Hi All,

    I have just successfully built and run the successfully built gnucash on windows xp.
    One problem I run into was that I had to change the to use e:/soft instead of

  change to use a path instead of a itself? I don't understand the problem.

    A second problem was that I had to find manually. I downloaded it into the e:/soft/downloads directory and and then rerun for it to run to completion.

  hmm...I vaguely remember dealing with something along these lines, but didn't look into it further. I'll have another look when I build 2.2.1.

    I now have two installs of gnucash. One from running gnucash-2.2.0-setup , the other from my own build and install.

    See my other post re problems starting gnucash from the setup program.

    Thanks for gnucash unders windows xp. Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Grant brown
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