Feature request: process multiple invoice with single payment

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com
Sat Aug 18 11:19:01 EDT 2007

>>"Suspense" accounts are a user thing.  GnuCash doesn't care, and
>>indeed shouldn't care.  You can Process Payment into a Suspense
>>Account just as easily as you can Process Payment into a Checking
Is it useful to allow aliases for Account Types? Or to add a Suspense 
type which is just a Checking type with a different name? Just thinking 
out loud here

.Dan W.

Oh dear, making me sorry I ever brought the issue up. Look, I'm not an 
accountant but have worked on systems that have to record billings and 

Yes, some businesses do put "suspense" money into a separate bank 
account (asset side of the ledger). But when I used the word "suspense" 
I wasn't thinking about bank accounts but accounting accounts (see the 
word "account" gets used in multiple ways). That sense of "suspense" 
would be a liability type account to represent that this check was 
deposited into one of the businesses bank accounts (asset) but the 
money, or at least this portion of it is owed back to somebody pending 
disposition and so is a liability.

What the disposition ultimately is not YET specified. Once that is 
decided the item gets removed from suspense (counterbalancing entry) 
when a refund check is sent back to the customer, an entry to their 
customer account against future bills, or whatever action gets taken 
(generally you have to contact the customer to ask "what do you want 
done with the extra?" and the amount is "in suspense" while that is 
determined). If you knew at the time the amount was being processed 
where it was to go, just do that (no need for a "suspense" entry).


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