The payment amount must be greater than zero

Nigel Titley nigel at
Mon Aug 20 11:35:11 EDT 2007

> Why don't you start using curse words and calling us names, to get the
> complete feeling of hostility on this list?
> Develop-list are usually not only meant for programmers, but for
> people interested in the development.
When you've been here for a while you get used to Derek. He's not likely 
to ever win prizes for diplomacy.

He does have a point though. Feature enhancements take time. None of us 
have enough time. Derek wrote the business bits for his own use. They 
work pretty well for what he wanted. They work reasonably well for the 
rest of us.

We'd all love it if someone could sit down and spend the 6 months needed to:

1. Find out what people actually need from the business functions
2. Delve into the code and find out what it actually does
3. Write the enhancements determined by 1.
4. Stand back and bask in the glory and plaudits

Derek has said he hasn't the time at the moment to devote to this. He 
invites people to submit patches (actually, this is Derek's pretty 
standard (and quite reasonable)  reply to feature requests). We're all 
used to this.

Hang around on the list a bit, don't get put off. Derek's quite cuddly 


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