SLR bug in 2.2?

Josh Sled jsled at
Mon Aug 20 12:31:16 EDT 2007

Tim Wunder <tim at> writes:
> In 2.0.x, if the Since Last Run druid is canceled at any time, all 
> transactions are canceled. In 2.2 it seems that if you cancel the SLR after 
> reviewing the created transactions, the auto created transactions are not 
> canceled (and the book gets dirtied). Is this intended behavior? It strikes 
> me as a bug. Cancel from the SLR, be it at the initial screen or during 
> review, should cancel all SXs.

It is the intended behavior.  There is no longer a review step as part of the
multi-step druid, but instead a single post-SLR way to review (and modify)
which transactions were created.

In truth, that review page also dirtied the book, while breaking conventions
about how the "Cancel" operation on a Druid should function, as it needed to
actually create the transactions in order to "review" them, there.  I
considered that the bigger failing.  Hopefully the register-rerewrite branch
will make it easier to have a register of not-actually-created transactions,
which would make it possible to restore the "review" functionality.

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