Can someone help me make the SLR dialog do what I want?

Tim Wunder tim at
Tue Aug 28 21:06:13 EDT 2007

On Friday 24 August 2007 7:57:00 pm Josh Sled wrote:
>     GtkTreeModel *filtered_model =
> gtk_tree_model_filter_new(existing_model, NULL);
> gtk_tree_model_filter_set_visible_func(filtered_model,
> _gnc_sxslr_filter_func, NULL, NULL);
> This is very similar to the use of an Interface in object-oriented
> languages ... the function pointer can be thought of as a functional
> interface.

Ugh... I appreciate your responding to my plea for help, but I really need 
more basic and fundamental help than that. Assume I know /nothing/ about C 
programming, and especially gtk+ programming. 

I did some messing around to see if I could grok even a little of what you 
told me (and what I read). Without much success, as indicated by:
dialog-sx-since-last-run.c:981: warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations 
and code
dialog-sx-since-last-run.c:982: warning: passing argument 1 
of 'gtk_tree_model_filter_set_visible_func' from incompatible pointe

I did this: 
_gnc_slr_filter(GtkTreeModel *model, GtkTreeIter *iter, gpointer data)
    // just playing around with a function call
    gboolean SX_filter = 1;
    return !SX_filter;

and then...
//        gtk_tree_view_expand_all(dialog->instance_view);
        GtkTreeModel *filtered_model = 
gtk_tree_model_filter_new(GTK_TREE_MODEL(dialog->editing_model), NULL);

I'm sure what I've done isn't even close to what's supposed to be done, but 
I'm old, so choose your clue bat with care. ;)  Don't I need to pass 
variables when calling functions or something?

Also, how do I query the model (?) to determine its state (autocreate, 
to-create, reminder, etc...)?

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