GnuCash 2.1.2 directions

Wm Stewart wstewart at
Wed Aug 29 14:02:06 EDT 2007

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Wm Stewart <wstewart at> writes:
>>> I just installed my freshly built gnucash-2.2.1 on Centos-5.  While
>>> installing gnucash-docs, it tries to contact xml DTD repositories.
>>> Is that what is happening on windows?
> I don't think so.  This has to do with Gconf/Orbit, not Gnucash
> or GnuCash-docs.  I suspect that this would happen with ANY gtk+
> application that installed gconf too.
>> I honestly don't know, but don't think so, since this has to do with
>> configuration settings.  I think someone smarter than me needs to find some
>> Windows machines without gnucash installed, and run and trap the access as
>> closely as possible, ideally to code that can be read.  When your firewall
>> asks you whether to allow the external connection, the application freezes
>> at that point until it gets a response - are there analyzers that could
>> tell what code was running at that point?
> Well, there's always 'gdb' to figure out where in the code you are.
>> I'm concerned because there is no notification of the access and without a
>> good external firewall most people would not know about it, and as per the
>> bug trail if the external access is not allowed then the configuration
>> settings and application aren't usable -- for example the installer will
>> not work on Internet disconnected computers because the external
>> communication is a requirement of operation.
> I think it's unlikely to be a virus, although it's possible.  Can you
> run a network analyzer and see what protocol the connection is making?
> I'm wondering if the person who built the gconf or orbit package
> somehow included their own IP address in the binary and therefore it's
> trying to "phone home" in terms of trying to reconnect back to already
> running gconf instances?
> I just find this very very odd.
> -derek

I have modest technical skills, but my input is limited to that of a user
in this area, and will have to look for help from someone that can test on
a new machine without previous installs.

I doubt it's a "phone home" because the IP was different in my and Manuel's
case.  It is very odd.  Basically, it shouldn't be happening.  I really
hope that it is not a virus.

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