Gnucash 2.2.1 on Mac OS X

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at
Thu Aug 30 02:14:08 EDT 2007

On Aug 30, 2007, at 12:08 AM, David Reiser wrote:

> gnucash --nofile
> then open your data file, or start a new one. There is a bug (fixed  
> in trunk, will be available in 2.2.2) where the modal splash screen  
> prevents any other dialog from being written. Either gnucash wants  
> to ask you if you want to start a new set of accounts, or you have  
> a file lock still set on an existing data file, but the splash  
> screen won't let the program continue.

HI David,

Awesome! Thanks for the tip and speedy reply.

--nofile is much more effective than tearing my hair out. :)

Thanks again,

Jeshua Lacock, Owner
phone: 877.240.1364

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