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Sat Dec 1 17:53:59 EST 2007

On Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 05:36:46PM -0500, Morrison J. Chang wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 08:14 -0800, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> > 
> > Then the IRA question becomes simple -- the user has to move that
> > money into an interim account before it moves into the stock. That
> > makes it no longer look like income relative to the stock and *also*
> > probably more accurately reflects reality -- those paymetns are always
> > delayed.
> > 
> The only problem that I have with an Income column and to a lesser
> extent Expense is that Income could be both dividend income and capital
> gains which is treated separately under US tax law. A user can extract
> the different incomes out of their Income Statement report. I just don't
> want to confuse novices looking at the report for the first time.

I think the income issue remains unresolved for the moment. 

Mike Alexander has sent some good ideas that I'm working on at the
moment to clean up a couple problems with the basis in his files.

> > I think the thing to do is figure out which version of this report to
> > use and get it cleaned up and committed as it currently stands. Then
> > go back in and add the feature of another frickin' column. How many is
> > too many? 
> > 
> > The current report is so broken, that I think we could get the devs to
> > backport a fixed version into 2.2.x to help alleviate the current bug
> > stack and then move with improvements to the report for 2.4 
> > 
> Agreed.
> Tried out your test case and saw the problem. Since I think you have a
> bit more time, lets just commit yours so that something reasonably
> correct exists for the next release.
> My only request is that in the comments in report that the various
> report fields are defined.
> This is what I was aiming for with mine:
> basis (current) = purchase basis value - sold basis value
> value (current) = current basis quantity * current price
> money in = purchase values into account
> money out = sold value
> realized gain = sold value - sold basis value
> unrealized gain = current value - adjusted basis
> total gain = realized gain + unrealized gain
> total return = (realized gain + unrealized gain) / money in
> Mainly as an aid to those who aren't use to reading prefix
> notation/scheme code.

sounds good. I'll finish up my changes in the next couple of days and
submit it for real. If you would be willing to go back through, after
its committed (on the assumption it is accepted) and clean up the
comments, that would be great. I'll work on it, but you seem more in
tune with what needs spelling out in that regard. 

> Still not sure what to do about the include income/gain checkbox.

Right now it does nothing and should be removed. I'm not sure what it
was ever supposed to do. shrug. If anyone pipes up and can relate what
it was meant to do, we can re-enable it.

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