Changing SX Causing GnuCash to Hang

Josh Sled jsled at
Sun Dec 9 14:46:45 EST 2007

Volker Englisch <Volker at> writes:
> I have a scheduled SX setup to automatically add a fixed amount of interest 
> to a savings accounts at the end of a month.
> I changed this SX so that the amount is a variable from this point forward.
> However, when I'm trying to close the tab of the "Scheduled Transaction 
> Editor" (the "Close Button" is on the tab) GnuCash hangs and I have to kill 
> the application.
> The only message on the command line is this:
>     *** glibc detected *** gnucash: corrupted double-linked list: 
> 0x43405158 ***
> I have tried to change this SX several times on two different systems (one 
> running FC5 - svn r16583 on 2007-11-14 and one running FC6 - svn r16372 
> 2007-07-29) with the same result except that the error message is not 
> displayed on the FC6 system.
> Choosing a different SX to modify in the same way results in the same problem.
> I haven't seen this problem reported before.
> Should I report it in Bugzilla?

I'm taking a look at it right now, so hopefully it won't be alive for long,
but it'd be nice to have a bug filed either way, yes, please.

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