New web-banking -> OFX gateway (; how to create importer?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 10 11:14:12 EST 2007

Quoting Christian Stimming <stimming at>:

> I'm afraid all of the documentation that refers to QIF is either very 
> very old
> or very very unfinished. For QIF, we have one very old importer that works
> most of the time (in "qif"), and another rewrite attempt that is very
> unfinished (in "qif-import").

Just a quick correction.   The current (working) importer is in qif-import.
There are two attempted rewrites, one in qif-io-core (in scheme) and
one in "qif" (in C).  Both of the rewrites are incomplete.


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