r16624 - gnucash/trunk - Remove the spurious m4/ directory. Use macros/ instead.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 10 18:39:37 EST 2007

Quoting Andreas Köhler <andi5.py at gmx.net>:

> Hi Christian,
>> On the other hand, all the autotools are *so* web1.0, we shouldn't 
>> bother any
>> more than necessary, which is what your patch did correctly.
>> (Actually, CMake might be an interesting alternative, especially 
>> because we do
>> not use many "convenience libraries" but instead directly build a 
>> whole bunch
>> of shared libraries. I've been using cmake in several other projects for
>> quite some time by now. But switching the build system from autotools to
>> cmake this would be a task of the size of one Summer of Code project :-)
> I just wanted to tell you that I am working on that now, in case anyone
> started as well :-)

Quick question..  Does using cmake require cmake to be installed to build
from the tarball?  I only ask this because Fedora 7 does not install
cmake by default, and I suspect that most OSes/Distros do not have cmake
by default.  Whereas by using the auto-tools, you only need to have
special software installed if you're trying to build the build system.
You don't need anything special to build from the tarball.

If you only need cmake in order to build the build system but you do
NOT need it to build from the tarball, then that's probably okay.  I
think it's okay to add dependencies to build from SVN.  But I'd be
extremely hesitant to require a new build dependency to the tarball.

Just my $0.02.

> -- andi5


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