Patch: define properties for gnc_commodity

Daniel Harding dharding at
Thu Dec 27 01:58:56 EST 2007

Phil Longstaff wrote:
> The attached patch (from svn diff) adds GObject property definitions
> to the gnc_commodity object.

Couple of notes:

The usage_count field of the gnc_commodity structure (exposed by your
patch as PROP_REFCOUNT) is an internal field for bookkeeping and
shouldn't be exposed as a property (it is not persisted).

However, the auto_quote_control_flag setting (stored in the KVP frame,
rather than as a field of the gnc_commodity structure) should propably
be exposed as a property. It is persisted, but it should only ever be
set when loading the commodity from the backend - i.e. the only other
time it should change is when gnc_commodity_user_set_quote_flag is
called - it should never be changed by other parts of the code.



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