Changing SX Causing GnuCash to Hang

Volker Englisch Volker at
Thu Dec 27 02:12:27 EST 2007

On 12/09/2007 06:41 PM Josh Sled wrote:
> Josh Sled <jsled at> writes:
> Well, if you haven't filed one yet, don't bother ... but let me know if
> r16629 resolves the problem, please?


I just noticed that there might be a new bug that got introduced to the SX 
with the version R16629.
I haven't used GC in a week or two (X-mas) and have now a few odd entries 
in the "Since Last Run" window.
All are postponed scheduled transactions.  One is for 2007-12-14 which 
displays the date 2004-04-14, one is a SX which is scheduled as a reminder 
every two weeks and now displays a reminder of 2009-01-08, and one is a 
monthly SX displaying the date 60497-10-19.
In addition, I do see the following output on the console after starting GC:

It seems that the above dates are in the data file I am trying to open, so 
they must have been created with a previous session.

I am using GC svn r16629 build on 2007-12-09 (running FC5).

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Volker Englisch
mailto:Volker at

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