your unofficial Windows gnucash builds

Nathan Buchanan nbinont at
Wed Feb 14 23:37:47 EST 2007

Hi Paul!

On 2/14/07, Paul <pabloandnene at> wrote:
> Thanks for doing the up to date builds. Any chance you could include the
> aqbanking stuff to allow your builds to do online banking? I recently
> abandoned Quicken (they were trying to coerce me into buying a newer
> version) for gnucash and the only thing that I can't do that I used to do
> with Quicken was connect to online banking.

I'm a bit new with building these, so I'd rather deffer to the real experts.
I believe Christian Stimming is creating the official windows development

I'm basically pulling the sources from the repository and building it
without changes...I'd have to become more confident with the code base to
change stuff.

I'm posting this to the gnucash-devel list so that others can pipe in.


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