GnuCash on Win32: Binary package now available

Tim Wunder tim at
Wed Jan 3 15:46:25 EST 2007

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 11:47 am, Christian Stimming wrote:
> As explained earlier here and on,
> compiling of GnuCash on Microsoft Windows can be completed successfully
> for quite some time now.
> Eventually with the help of a lot of you here we were also able to
> create the first binary packages that come with a executable installer.
> According to our initial tests, these install an actually working copy
> of GnuCash on Windows. We need a lot of feedback now about whether this
> really works, or which parts are still broken. Please download this
> totally experimental package from here:
> For known issues, see here:   When
> reporting problems, either send a message here on gnucash-devel or add
> text to the wiki page. (Please don't use bugzilla for windows issues, yet.)
> Most importantly, the win32-GnuCash cannot read or write compressed
> files. Your Unix/Linux datafile is most certainly gzip compressed, so
> this cannot be read by the win32 GnuCash. In any case you shouldn't use
> this win32 version for any of your real data, because it might still
> mysteriously modify your data or make it disappear or whatever.
> We are eagerly awaiting any feedback.

Well it installed and ran on my WinXP laptop. I did have to gunzip the data 
file, but that's a known issue. There's probly a LF/CR problem with the Tips 
of the Day since it seems ever other one is blank. I haven't dug into it real 
heavily, but it looks pretty good at first blush. 
It is slow to start, and a DOS window displays on the desktop all the time, 
but I'm not sure if you can do anything about that or not...

Good work!


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